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The OnlyFans platform is home to many professional content creators of varying industries and backgrounds, including local celebrities, famous influencers, artists, professional sex workers, and others who regularly produce and publish high-quality, exclusive content for their subscribers.

With the amount of content getting published to the site on a daily basis, OnlyFans has dramatically grown in popularity and has seen a steady rise in the number of subscribers in the past years. However, despite the success, it still has its flaws, one of the biggest ones being the lack of a proper search function. This makes it more challenging and takes much longer to find models on OnlyFans – which is where XFans Hub comes in.

Here at XFans Hub, we have put together a total of twenty-four (24) different filters, made for both free and paid OnlyFans accounts. These have all been interlinked with one another through an intuitive filtering system that you have the power to narrow down or widen up according to your personal needs and preferences. This system ensures that your feed on the XFans Hub displays only relevant and high-quality accounts every time you make a search.

If you are looking for a professional American Pornographic actress, then look no further than Kendra Lust.

Who Is Kendra Lust and How Did She Get Famous?

Michele Ann Mason, more popularly known as Kendra Lust, was born on September 18, 1978, in Madison Heights, Michigan. Her parents are French Canadian and Italian. When she was in college, she struggled to support herself and her studies so she decided to become a part-time stripper. She was studying to be a nurse at the time, which is where the bulk of her income and tips went.

Much to her success, she was able to graduate and worked as a nurse for seven years. During her final years as a nurse, she had a sideline working as a webcam model. She later realized her true talent and quit nursing altogether in order to make more money in the porn business. She also cited that apart from being able to have a bigger income, working as a pornographic actress also meant needing to clock in fewer hours.

It was not until March 2012 when Kendra first has sex on camera with fellow pornographic actresses Phoenix Marie and Rachel Starr for the popular porn company, Brazzers. Unlike most porn actors, Kendra did not need to go through a casting couch scene properly to get a job.

Porn Films

Though she stepped into the adult film industry at 34, she has made quite the name for herself and starred in many famous porn films, such as:


She, later on, explored her other talents within the industry and started directing adult films. In 2015, she received the XBIZ Award for the MILF Performer of the Year and the NightMoves Award for Best MILF Performer.

She also won the X-Rated Critics Organization Award for the MILF of the Year and the XBIZ Award for MILF Performer of the Year.

Kendra was highly recognized for her hard work and talent throughout her career. Other awards that she took home are:

Kendra Lust and Her Production Company

Kendra made her debut in the porn industry back in 2012, with Manuel Ferrara as her very first on-screen partner. This film garnered much attention, which resulted in a snowball of offers from various companies.

She went on to sign a contract with adult film studio ArchAngel Productions in 2015. The following year, Kendra was signed on by Zero Tolerance Entertainment.

It was not until 2016 that she explored her talent as an adult film director and launched her first film Visions of Lust. She loved the experience so much that she started her very own adult film production company a few months later called Lust Army Productions.

Kendra Lust and Her OnlyFans Account

Apart from her adult films, Kendra is also a social media personality, particularly on Instagram with over 8 million followers as of this writing. While she does not actively promote her OnlyFans on Instagram too often, she does post a lot of racy photos. Aside from Instagram, she does have a YouTube channel featuring her podcast with her cohost Julian Marquez where they talk all things MMA and adult entertainment.

Her OnlyFans account costs only $3.20 for 31 days and $7.99 per month. She also offers three subscription bundles that allow you to save up to 15%. As of this writing, she has posted a total of 754 videos and 2,562 photos, so she is on there quite often! For such an affordable price and packed gallery, it is well worth checking out her OnlyFans account!

The 24 Categories You Can Find On XFans Hub

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Other Accounts You Can Find On The OnlyFans Website

Kendra Lust is not the only professional adult film actress you can find on the OnlyFans website or in our XFans directory. Check out some of these familiar faces on OnlyFans:


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