Shooting Onlyfans Content at Airbnb – Statistics 2023

Shooting OnlyFans content at Airbnbs has become a popular trend among creators, as it provides a level of anonymity and a variety of location options. But how prevalent is this trend? A recent study shows that more than 35% of OnlyFans creators are regularly using Airbnb to shoot content!

This presents potential risks and challenges, such as safety concerns, legal issues, conflicts with Airbnb’s terms of service, and negative impact on the Airbnb community.

Statistics on the number of creators using Airbnbs for OnlyFans content

A recent study by XFans Hub Onlyfans search engine, surveyed over 1000 Onlyfans creators and asked them a series of questions in regard to shooting Content at an Airbnb.

  • 61% had previously shot adult-related content at an Airbnb.
  • 37% are still shooting adult content on a regular basis at an Airbnb.
  • 35% have never produced adult content at an AirBnB but would be open to doing so.
  • 4% have zero interest in producing adult content at an Airbnb.
  • 93% do not mention or ask permission from the Airbnb host about shooting adult content.
  • 7% have asked for permission but did admit that they had some kind of connection to the owner of the Airbnb.


What is most obvious from the study is that Onlyfans creators are actively using Airbnb to film adult content, with 37% saying they do so on a regular basis! Most creators from the survey were open to the idea if they weren’t already doing it, with 4% not interested at all.

What was most interesting is how many creators actually ask for permission from the host to shoot content. A whopping 93% never mention or ask for permission, which leads us to ask how many AirBnB owners know that adult content is being produced on their property.

Check the full survey results below:

airbnb and Onlyfans

With so many creators using Airbnb let’s look a little closer at the reasons why.

Reasons for why creators prefer to shoot at Airbnbs

Privacy and discretion

Shooting content at an Airbnb does provide a strong level of discretion and privacy that is difficult to obtain in more traditional locations. For high-profile creators or those who create sensitive content, the ability to draw little to no attention is highly attractive. Additionally, many Airbnbs are located in residential areas, which can be more conducive to a sense of privacy than a commercial location.

Amenities and location options

Airbnbs offer a large range of locations and amenities for content creators to choose from. For example, booking an Airbnb with a rooftop terrace, particular architectural design, or pool provides multiple opportunities to produce unique content. Additionally, Airbnbs can be found in a wide range of locations, from urban city areas, to beachside or rural settings. Providing a lot of options for creators looking to find the perfect location.


Renting an Airbnb can often be more cost-effective than renting a traditional filming location or studio. Airbnbs come with furniture, amenities, and applications, which all can save dollars on props and set costs. Also, renting an entire Airbnb for yourself means you don’t need to share space or resources like in traditional filming studios. Allowing you to work at your own pace, in a productive manner that leads to the best content being produced.

Potential Risks and Challenges

Safety concerns

Depending on the nature of the shoot, there may be safety concerns that need to be addressed. For example, if a scene involves pyrotechnics or other special effects, the location may need to be properly outfitted to ensure the safety of the cast and crew. Additionally, if the location is in a remote area, there may be concerns about emergency access and communication. Despite this sounding over the top, safety concerns like these are something that needs to be taken very seriously! Shooting adult content without permission can open you to legal consequences, so ensure there are no safety concerns.

Legal issues

As mentioned, there may be legal issues that need to be considered when shooting at an Airbnb. For example, it’s important to ensure that the location is properly zoned for commercial use and that all necessary permits have been obtained. Additionally, if a shoot involves drones or other aircraft, there may be additional legal requirements that need to be met.

Conflicts with Airbnb’s terms of service

Shooting at an Airbnb could potentially conflict with the platform’s terms of service. Airbnb’s terms of service prohibit “commercial uses” of the platform, which includes shooting films, videos, or taking professional photographs at an Airbnb listing. It’s important to be aware of this and to be upfront with the host about the purpose of the rental.

The negative impact on the Airbnb community

Finally, shooting at an Airbnb could potentially have a negative impact on the local community. For example, a shoot may disrupt the neighborhood, or cause damage to the property. It’s important to consider the potential impact on the community and to be respectful of the neighbors when planning a shoot at an Airbnb location.

Alternative Options for OnlyFans Creators

Traditional studios:

Some adult content creators will choose to book a traditional studio. These usually come with production resources as well as extra marketing and promotional services. Studios like these will either take a % of your earnings or charge you per hour to book the studio and equipment. If you are an Onlyfans newbie, consider using a traditional studio for experience and inspiration on how to produce adult content.

DIY solutions:

Anther viable option is the do-it-yourself model. Take that creativity and expand it out of adult content and into the set. This can involve decorating and building your own set/studio within your home or room! Major stores such as WallMart stock items that can turn your boring old room into any theme, and inspiration for ideas is just a simple google search away. This can be a good cost-effective option if you can’t afford a professional studio booking, but it will require a little more work.

Other short-term rental options:

Besides the professional studio or DIY model there is also option such as Hotels, vacation rentals, and our personal favorite, the nude beach! Now obviously some content is completely off-limits on these beaches, but you will have the freedom to still produce some content there. Overall producing content at a nude beach might seem weird but it provides great natural lighting and a unique setting.


Shooting Onlyfans content at Airbnbs is not something we recommend or endorse here at XFans Hub. It’s a violation of their terms and services! Stating that adult content is not allowed to be filmed or produced at an Airbnb. Despite this creators are still flocking to book Airbnb, with our recent survey revealing some interesting statistics.

Although we as professionals in this space can recognize the benefits of filming content at an Airbnb. We must stress it can have legal consequences. It’s always best, to be honest, and ask for permission before booking any property on the Airbnb platform! This will help to avoid any potential legal issues or concerns.

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