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Top Asian Onlyfans Accounts

#1 Leah

OnlyFans handle: @leahooo

Leahooo is based in the United States but has all the beautiful features of a sexy Asian woman. She is definitely one of the most dedicated models that post daily and is not afraid to bear all.

Apart from that, Leah is also very open to all sorts of kinks and fantasies that her subscribers have. She allows them to send in detailed descriptions of what they want her to do in customized videos. Moreover, she loves to do a lot of strip teases, mouth play, role-playing, dirty talk, SPH, JOI, and so much more!

Her OnlyFans account is currently accessible for FREE and has 11,500 fans as of this writing. In addition, you may also find her under the name BariPritts in other sources online.

#2 Petite Asian Cutie

FREE OnlyFans handle: jamieluna

PAID OnlyFans handle: jamielunavip

Instagram handle: xjamielunamodels

Tiktok handle: jamilunamodels

Twitter handle: xjamieluna

YouTube Channel: Jamie Luna

Jamie Luna, more popularly known as Petite Asian Cutie, has a steady following on OnlyFans. What’s more, she is best known for her slutty college creampie content coupled with her sweet and innocent smile.

Jamie posts daily and is generous with her full-length X-rated clips that she sends out everyday through direct messages. Furthermore, she  loves posting about anal play, facials, rating different dicks, JOIs, and so much more.

Her Petite Asian Cutie account is currently accessible for FREE and has over 172,600 subscribers as of this writing.

Jamie is highly organized with the type of media she publishes that she has even created a separate VIP account under the handle @jamielunavip. This OnlyFans account houses all her completely uncensored posts and is claimed to be 100% open minded to all kinds of fetish. Lastly, she also her own website, which you can access through Here, you can find the link to all of her accounts, including her email address and Amazon wish list.

#3 Hot Asian Granny

FREE OnlyFans handle: hotasiangranny

PAID OnlyFans handle: gigithesexygrandma

Instagram handle: stillsexy_lola

Twitter handle: hotasian_granny

YouTube Channel: SexyGranny

Gigi, also known as Hot Asian Granny, is currently based in Japan. When you first hear the word grandmother, the visual in your mind may not exactly picture a curvaceous, full-bodied woman who is as flexible and rowdy as Gigi. However, she definitely puts a spin to the title!

She is a proud mother to her daughter and grandmother to her grand daughter. As her day job, she works in retail and models on OnlyFans on the side because of her love for producing sultry content.

Her Hot Asian Granny OnlyFans account is currently accessible for FREE. However, Gigi also has a paid OnlyFans account under the handle Gigi the Sexy Grandma. In here, she puts even sexier and more explicit content, which you can access for only $7 per month, or cheaper if you subscribe to her bundles!

Gigi loves to update her profile regularly and currently has over a thousand media you can enjoy on her VIP account and over 900 media on her free account.

#4 Karen Kimijima

OnlyFans handle: dancer_karenk

Instagram handle: dancer_karen.k

Karen Kimijima is a Japan native who has a very limited English vocabulary. You will find that a lot of her captions on OnlyFans is a mix of English and Japanese. Because of this, communication between her and her subscribers all the more thrilling. Additionally, Karen is open to granting requests for types of content you want her to create.

If you wish to have Karen wear certain types of clothing, you can send her a direct message and she will add it to her Amazon wish list for you to purchase. Finally, once it is all set, she will then film and send you a customized video displaying exactly what you want.

Karen’s OnlyFans account is currently accessible for FREE, and you can enjoy sexy photos that are not published on her Instagram profile.

#5 Hitomi Tanaka

OnlyFans handle: hitomi_official

Instagram handle: official_hitomitanaka

Hitomi Tanaka is based in Tokyo, Japan. Compared to Karen Kimijima, she also mixes up her sultry posts with Japanese captions. While Hitomi does not post every day, she prepare high quality content for her subscribers at least once a week.

As of this writing, her account has close to 400 media you can enjoy and subscribe to for only $8.99 per month!

#6 Airin

OnlyFans handle: aiirin_kmrrrr

Facebook handle: Aiirin Kmr

Instagram handle: aiirin_kmrrrr

Facebook Streaming Channel: AirinChannel

YouTube channel: Airin Yo

Airin is not only an OnlyFans model but she is also a streamer who loves to regularly update her content on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. She is currently based in Thailand and is known for her soft, silk-like skin and childlike personality.

She loves to do cosplay and even takes requests for any fetish and costumes you may like her to wear. Moreover, her OnlyFans account is currently accessible for only $8 per month or at an even lower rate if you subscribe by bundle!

#7 Maylee Fun

OnlyFans handle: funvip

TikTok handle: mayleeifun

Instagram handle: itsmayleefun

Twitter handle: maylee_fun

Maylee is definitely one of the fan favorites for Asian models in the OnlyFans website. While she does not disclose where exactly, she is currently based in Asia and boasts an impressive 34 – 22 – 34 figure. Furthermore, She is 5’1” and weighs 93 pounds, which really helps in bringing out her curves in all the right places.

Maylee offers her fans explicit videos twice a month and post updates every 8 hours. Additionally, she has multiple videos that you can enjoy, on top of the option for one-on-one calls and private direct messages for only $9.47 per month.

Moreover, Maylee keeps her profile organized so you can access what you came for be it squirt videos, blowjobs, anal, cumshots, rimming, roleplaying, quickies, swallows, live streams, and more.

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