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Find the best onlyfans creator from our 24 different categories

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What Is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform that has greatly risen in popularity over the course of the COVID 19 pandemic. Even though it was launched way back in 2016, it was only during the lockdown period that it garnered mainstream attention from across the globe.


The website carries a wide variety of genres published by a diverse community of creators and is a great source for very rare content. Initially, its online foot traffic skyrocketed due to the NSFW (not safe for work) media that its users regularly sold and purchased through the platform. 


Even though adult workers make up a big chunk of its community of creators, its business model has proven to be so reliable that even other kinds of professionals and well-known influencers have created accounts to promote their rare content.


How Do I Subscribe To OnlyFans?

OnlyFans offers two types of accounts, namely:

Subscriber Accounts – These are for those who intend to purchase content.

Content Creator Accounts – These are for those who intend to sell their content.


The first step to acquiring either type is to head over to onlyfans.com and then sign up with your email and password. You may also create an account by signing in through Google or Twitter.


The next steps then determine whether or not you want to proceed with a subscriber (or fan) account or a content creator account.


For successfully registered subscriber accounts, click on the Menu button, followed by either the Your Cards or Add Bank button. Once you have entered your card and/ or bank details, you can now start subscribing to various creator accounts and find the best OnlyFans creators out there.


For successfully registered content creator accounts, click on the Menu button, followed by Settings. Here, you can set up your username, bio, location, website, subscription price (which is what fans will need to pay to gain access to your content), profile photos, and even an Amazon Wish List (Your Amazon information remains private, no worries!). Lastly, add your credit card information in order to receive payments.


Is OnlyFans Free?

An OnlyFans account is free to create. However, some content and profiles are reserved only for paying subscribers – and this will depend on whether the content creator is using a free account or a paid account.


When accessing free accounts, subscribers can follow creators and see their entire profiles. However, creators may add locked posts and charge subscribers to view them. Creators can also charge for paid private messages.


With accessing paid accounts, creators set their subscription price between $4.99 – $49.99 monthly, and offer PPV posts.


OnlyFans pays out 80% of the creator’s total earnings and keeps 20% as a platform fee.


Why use XF Hub?

For users. XF Hub is an easy to navigate directory that allows users to find only the best OnlyFans creators anonymously, saving you the time and energy of scrolling through multiple profiles that do not fit your preferences or quality standards.


Furthermore, the XF Hub helps streamline creator accounts to filter out the duplicates and poorly managed profiles, giving the assurance that each visit to the hub results in only top OnlyFans accounts being featured on your feed.


For OnlyFans content creators. You can advertise your profile on XF Hub and increase your foot traffic with strong and engaging leads. Not only will this help raise awareness of your profile, but it can also improve sales over time.


By promoting through the XF Hub, you gain the advantage of speaking to an audience that is already looking and willing to pay for quality content. Every dollar going into your advertising budget is an investment well made since it delivers positive results and generates regular subscribers.


Straightforward navigation. The hub is designed with practicality in mind. All our navigation panels are easily accessible and you will have no problems finding all the available categories, filtering options, relevant profiles and more! Being able to obtain quality OnlyFans content has never been this smooth and hassle-free.


Through XF Hub, you enjoy a neat, filtered feed that caters specifically to your preferences alone, without getting bombarded with ads and profiles that do not fit your search.


How Does XF Hub Work?

As an XF Hub user, there is no sign up necessary. Once you hop on the XF Hub website, you can choose which of the 24 different content categories you want to feature on your feed and gain access to all the creators relevant to the genre.


Find Asian, Latina, Ebony, Trans, Milfs, Free, Porn and many other onlyfans accounts across our vast network of creators!


This makes it easier for you to narrow down the profiles you like best and follow them with a click of a button.


Is XF Hub Free?

Yes! XF Hub is absolutely FREE for users to browse profiles, as well as filter out their feed with our OnlyFans search function. 


This service is aimed to provide OnlyFans subscribers with an alternative way to view their favourite profiles, discover related accounts, and connect with members of the content creator community who share the same interests, values, and passions as they do.


That being said, there is a fee for some content creators to promote their profiles on the XF Hub and reach a wide audience of engaged users in the hopes of gaining more subscribers and creating more connections.

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