Hashtags To Promote Onlyfans

Does Onlyfans use hashtags?

The short answer is No, Onlyfans does not use a hashtag search feature. In fact, Onlyfans has no official search function, meaning it’s your responsibility to drive traffic to your account.

Hashtags to promote Onlyfans

As mentioned there isn’t a search function directly connected to Onlyfans. You will have to utilise social media platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok & Twitter to build a fan base. Luckily hashtags are popular & useful ways of discovering on the mentioned platforms.

Before we go into how to utilise hashtags for Onlyfans promotion, let’s explore what are hashtags.

What are hashtags?

Hashtags are a great way to get traffic on Instagram, TikTok & Twitter.

Platforms like Facebook also use hashtags, but it isn’t as effective as other social media platforms. Twitter, TikTok & Instagram however are great for hashtags.

To create a hashtag is simple, just place a # infrom of the keyword. For example, #Onlyfansgirl

Using relevant and related hashtags you can help your account and media be easily discovered on social media sites.

Users on these platforms can even follow hashtags. If someone follows #Onlyfansgirls and you have used this hashtag, the chances of that person finding that content are high.

As mentioned both TikTok, Twitter & Instagram use hashtags. All three allow you to select your hashtags before posting your content. Meaning millions of people will be potentially exposed to your content when you use hashtags.

A hashtag can not contain any symbols, dots or spaces. You can include lower & upper case letters as well as emojis.

How Many Hashtags Can You Use?

Tiktok, Twitter and Instagram allow a maximum of 30 hashtags in each post, caption or comment. With many people asking how many hashtags should I use, it’s best to go for the maximum amount. Why? the more hashtags you use the more chance you have of people discovering your content.

People discovering your content leads to them coming to your social media accounts. From there drive the traffic to your Onlyfans account.

The best hashtags to use follow these rules:

  1. Hashtags that fit your niche, (e.g #milfonlyfans)
  2. Hashtags related to your platform (e.g. #sellingcontent)
  3. If you are struggling to find 30 hashtags then use emotional, emoji or viral hashtags.

Niche Hashtags 

A niche hashtag is directly related to your style of content. For example, if you are Asian then going for hashtags like #asiangirl is a great idea. To go deeper, if you also produce fetish-based content then hashtags such as #fetish #feet would work.

Once you have an idea of your niche you can combine them into hashtags. For example, #asiangirlfetish would be a way to combine them and expose your content to a targeted audience.

Take some time to think about your niches and if there is a market for them. Ethnicity, size, hair colour and content style all have related sub-niches.

Viral or trending hashtags occur when a popular or newsworthy event occurs. Examples are such things as pride week, sporting events or holidays. Usually, these hashtags get a huge amount of traffic for a short amount of time! Capitalizing on this is a great way to promote your Onlyfans account. Incorporate viral hashtags into your post, just make sure your content is somewhat relevant. For example, #prideweek incorporates a rainbow flag into your content.

Hashtags That Trigger Emotion

All humans have emotions and by tapping into these you can significantly grow your Onlyfans. Hashtags that spark or prove emotion can help to get your content viral and out to more eyeballs. Emotional hashtags can be as simple as #excited or #happy. They are short and provide insight into the content creator.

With 30 hashtags to use it’s recommended that you throw in a few emotional-based hashtags.

General Hashtags

There are general hashtags that get millions of posts daily. These are often overused in the social media world and your content will most likely get lost in the crowd. With so many people using hashtags like #dog, #love, #cute, and #follow, it’s very hard to stand out.

We would recommend avoiding these hashtags and focusing on the other three styles.

Hashtags That Should Be Avoid

Some hashtags are blacklisted, and when used will not show up on the search feed on Instagram & TikTok.

Hashtags such as #sex #nude #porn #adult or anything sexually related will not be exposed on the main social media accounts. The algorithms will pick up on these hashtags and can trigger your account to become blacklisted or banned.

If you are unsure if a hashtag is approved or not simply place it in the search bar. If no other content appears with this hashtag it’s safe to assume it’s been blacklisted.

A quick tip: sexually related hashtags are fine on Twitter but not Instagram or TikTok.

Avoid these hashtags and focus on the others we have discussed above.

Grow Your Onlyfans 

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