Where To Promote Onlyfans?

Where to promote Onlyfans?

With millions of content creators, it can be difficult to stand out and get subs on your Onlyfans search account. It’s important to know where you should be placing your Onlyfans link. Helping to drive traffic and ultimately get new subs!

XFans Onlyfans search engine goes over how to best promote your Onlyfans page.

Generating and driving traffic to your Onlyfans account is the aim of the game. Think of it as owning a shop but no one ever walks past. If no one is even walking past what’s the chance of them coming into your shop to buy something? Today, Onlyfans is a form of digital shopfront and it’s your job to get as many people to walk past it.

Luckily the team at XFans Hub are masters of Onlyfans traffic generation! Below we have compiled a shortlist of places where you should promote your onlyfans.

XF Hub

One of the best places to promote your Onlyfans account is right here on XF HUB! We are the largest Onlyfans directory, connecting new fans with creators. Simply create a free account and add your OnlyFans link to start growing your fan base with one of our 24 different categories, including transLatinaebonyAsian & free.

XF Hub gets thousands of hits per day from mostly men looking for new Onlyfans creators. Our traffic comes from a number of organic and paid outlets, bringing men from countries such as Australia, USA, UK and Canada.

Our streamlined search function enables users to find the new Onlyfans creators with ease, all you need to do is ensure you have an active account with us and these eyeballs will be on your Onlyfans!

Social Media

There are a number of ways to promote your OnlyFans account and get more fans. One of the most popular ways is to use social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. You can share links to your OnlyFans account on these platforms, and use hashtags to help people find you.

Some of the biggest Onlyfans creators have single handly built their sub count via social media. Building up their Instagram or TikTok accounts and channelling the traffic back to their Onlyfans account. Let’s look a little deeper into the top social media platforms for Onlyfans promotion.

Instagram – Originally an image-based platform, Instagram has expanded heavily into video in the form of stories and reels. Still to this day, Instagram is viewed as the go-to site for images. Many top Onlyfans creators have biggie backed off their large Instagram following.

Snapchat – This is a great place to connect with potential fans. With far fewer restrictions, you can send more X-rated content on Snapchat. You also have far more control over who can see it and for how long. This is great for giving people a little taste of what they can expect from your Onlyfans.

Reddit – A great social media platform for curating new fans. On Reddit, you can interact on threads, with some specially made for Onlyfans creators. Just browse google for Reddit threads that fit your niche. If you are a milf, for example, google the keyword “milf Reddit threads” This will give you plenty of options to promote your account.

Twitter – This is another great platform that allows you to post adult-based content. Twitter is the town square of the digital world. Here you can interact with anyone about anything, allowing you to grow your Onlyfans account. The best way to do so is to utilize hashtags! Doing so allows more active users to easily discover your account. Some popular hashtags to use is #onlyfans, #onlyfansgirl, #sellingcontent & #onlyfanspromotion

Adult Blogs

Another way to promote your Onlyfans link is on blogs or websites that allow adult content. You can also search for forums that discuss adult content and share your OnlyFans link there. This tactic might not be as glamorous as building out an Instagram following but it is highly effective.

Going to adult sites and porn pages that slightly fit into your type of content will help a lot. For example, if you are a creator who is really short and petite you can find porn sites that match these criteria and place the Onlyfans link in the comments section!

There are also multiple tube porn sites that have sidebar links and banner ad options. You can get in contact with this webmaster via the contact page. Reach out to them and ask for your Onlyfans link to be placed on their site. They will most likely ask for payment but it’s well worth it for the right site that gets thousands of views per day.

Another creative way to promote your Onlyfans is to offer interviews to dating, sex and relationship blogs. Authors are always looking for content and offering to be interviewed or giving a perspective is a great way to build your brand. Just remember to ask the author to include a link to your Onlyfans in the article or blog.

Paid ads

Paid advertising is also an option to promote your OnlyFans account. You can use platforms like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads to target potential fans with ads. This can be a little tricky as you will need some experience with backend advertising platforms. If this is something you know you will struggle with it’s best to outsource the work to someone on Fiverr.

For as cheap as $500 a month an agency will manage and promote you across social media, with some restrictions on certain platforms due to Onlyfans adult nature.

If you do want to try running Bing and Google ads yourself all you need to do is signup to the platform. Google Adwords is the most successful advertising platform so it’s best to place all your energy there. Once signed up you can use the google Adwords tool to measure traffic for keywords. Try and think of keywords that match your content. For example “milf Onlyfans” gets thousands of searches each month. Don’t believe us? Sign up to Google Adwords and check for yourself.

Once you have the traffic data all you need to do is create your text ads to target these keywords. You will have to pay a fee for each ad click, but this is usually no more than $1. Before trying Adwords we do recommend checking out some basic guides or videos, as it is possible to burn through money if not understood and done correctly.

Influencer Marketing 

Influencers are another great way to promote your Onlyfans link. Simply reach out to them via DMs or email and ask them for their promotion packages. This can be a great way to get your OnlyFans account in front of a large audience, driving traffic to your social and Onlyfans.

Ensure you take the time to pick the right Influencer to promote your Onlyfans. Just because someone has a lot of followers doesn’t mean it will translate to traffic for you. Look and target Influencers who produce similar content to yourself, or fit in a similar niche. If your style is goth then getting a Barbie-like influencer is not going to work.

Instagram is the top platform for Influencers but due to its policies, it can be difficult to promote Onlyfans links. Instead, use Influencers to promote your linktree or other social media accounts. As mentioned, you can build your own Instagram following to drive them to your Onlyfans.

It’s important that you have quality content visible on both your Onlyfans and socials, otherwise, you won’t convert the traffic that the influencer will give you. This is a one-time strategy to get maximum traffic so you don’t want to drop the ball content-wise.

Social Comments

Commonly overlooked, commenting on social media platforms is a great way to promote your Onlyfans. It’s a simple process, just comment under people’s TikToks, Instagram or Reddit posts!

This tactic is a quick and easy way to get eyeballs to your social media profile. From there direct that traffic to your Onlyfans via Link Tree.

It’s important to note that this tactic was invented by online marketers. Due to this most posts will have a comment like “Love the look, DM us!”. In order to stand out and not get your social account flagged for spam, you need to have original content. Doing this is easy, just comment something about the image or video.

If you want to save time you can outsource the work to a VA (virtual assistant). For as cheap as $5 per hour you can hire someone overseas to comment on social posts.

You will need to provide parameters, such as who to comment on and what. Make sure you are clear about your requirements and for the first few days monitor them closely. Once you are confident in your VA you can leave them to work without micromanagement.

For hiring a virtual assistant check out sites such as Upwork or Fiverr.

Cam Sites

Adult cam websites are another great place to promote Onlyfans accounts. You can also make extra money will promoting it! Cam sites are live stream services in which you can make money from tips. Viewers are usually men and the range of nudity or sexual activities varies based on girls, some girls go topless others perform full sexual acts on cam.

Similar to the PPV model, except you are streaming rather than videos or messages.

Whist camming you can plug and promote your Onlyfans link within the stream. Using cam sites to get eyeballs and then upselling them on more exclusive content can be really effective.

It’s important to note tho that camming requires a lot more work than Onlyfans. You will need to be physically present for hours in order to get maximum results. If you are serious about your Onlyfans business we strongly recommend this tactic. Camming for 4 hours per day, 5 days per week! Doing so will help your Onlyfans grow significantly, plus you can make extra profits while promoting.

Dating Apps

Utilising dating apps such as Hinge, Tinder and Bumble is an amazing way to grow your Onlyfans account.

Before you start swiping however it’s important to note that these apps do have issues with shadowbans. If you mass swipe on everyone you will be flagged as a spam account. Even if you purchase a premium account you can only swipe so much.

In order to get maximum results from your Tinder, we recommend following these steps.

  1. Set your account to international, with a maximum age range and sexual orientation. This will show your profile across the world and give you mass reach
  2. Connect your Instagram to your profile. Ensure you have as many photos as possible.
  3. Within your bio, you want to share the fact you are on Onlyfans, as well as your Instagram handle. Mention that you are not on the dating app often. This will filter out any people who don’t have an interest in your Onlyfans
  4. Get the premium account so you can see who has liked you. From there you match with those people. Don’t do any swiping as this could potentially get you flagged and is time-consuming.
  5. Once you have matches just wait for them to follow you on Instagram. Don’t message them or respond to any messages on the dating app.
  6. You now have new potential subscribers within your sales funnel.



advertising your OnlyFans page is essential for attracting paying subscribers and promoting your content. The best places to advertise on OnlyFans include the platform itself and other social media sites. Utilizing these platforms effectively will increase your visibility and help you reach a wider audience. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind the terms of service and guidelines for each platform when promoting your OnlyFans page.

Utilizing various strategies, such as using relevant keywords, creating engaging content, and interacting with your followers, can also help increase your visibility on social media. By following these guidelines and continuously creating high-quality content, you can grow your OnlyFans page and attract paying subscribers who are interested in your content.

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