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Twitch is a relatively new streaming site that is dominated by gamers. They go live on the platform and showcase their skills, comedy, or personality to fans whilst playing a video game. Over time Twitch has evolved from just a gamer space. With multiple other creators producing content and gaining hundreds of thousands of views.

With this platform growing in popularity many top Onlyfans creators have utilized the stream nature to help promote their Onlyfans. The team at XFans Onlyfans Search decide to deep dive into Twitch, streaming, and how you can use the platform for promotion.


First thing is to understand there are multiple categories in which you can stream on Twitch. Gaming is the most popular and well-known, but there are others in the IRL space. This stands for In Real Life, and allows you to display hobbies! Channels highlighting makeup, nails, fashion & art are all great ways to gain attention.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t jam your Onlyfans account down people’s throats. You should engage in the category of hobby if people like you they will find your Onlyfans. Twitch is more to cast a wide net of potential fans and allow them to come to your account.

As mentioned there are a variety of IRL categories that you can utilize. However, the two channels with the most male eyeballs are Just chatting & Hot tubs. Let’s explore each of these in more detail.

Just Chatting

One of the more popular categories on Twitch, Just Chatting is also extremely saturated. This means a lot of people are streaming and trying to build an audience here. You won’t find gamers or any particular hobby here, instead, it’s just a place for individuals to express themselves. The key to being successful on this channel is either have something really interesting to say. Or just be so good-looking that people want to stare at you for hours!

If you are an Onlyfans creator the just chatting channel can be a great way to grow your sub count. As the majority of your audience will be men the chances of them finding your Onlyfans are high. It’s important to note that you cant promote sexual content on Twitch. You shouldn’t want to anyway, as this would deter men from signing up for your Onlyfans.

Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches

This channel is easy to understand, it involves streamers who are going live in either a pool, hot tub, or at the beach! Originally this was extremely controversial with Twitch banning the practice. It was quickly overturned with Twitch allowing creators to continue if they followed all T&Cs. Twitch in their own words stated that they wouldn’t discriminate against creators that others deemed attractive.

As you could imagine this channel is amazing for Onlyfans creators because it allows them to show off a little more than usual. This can be a great tease and a little sneak peek into what subscribers can expect from your Onlyfans content.

Benefits of Streaming on Twitch for OnlyFans Creators

  1. Twitch allows you to outbound links meaning you can place your LinkTree with your Onlyfans to your Twitch account.
  2. Twitch can enable you to build authentic connections with a male-based audience. This is critical in getting long-term subscribers.
  3. You can make extra income from Twitch as they pay you for views.
  4. No overall sexual content or anything that is adult in nature. This is a positive as it means the only way to see your XXX content is on Onlyfans.
  5. Become more than just a photo, Twitch can help your personality shine through.

How To Be Succesful On Twitch With Onlyfans

Stand Out – In The Right Way.

As previously stated there are many people actively streaming on twitch. Choosing the correct channel which plays to your strengths is your best bet for success. A part of this is standing out from the crowd and showcasing your unique personality or talent. Go to Twitch daily and study the top streamers within your category. Write down at least one unique thing about each creator and analyze the results! It might not be obvious at first but it is often associated with physical attributes, personality, the clothing they wear, or how they speak. Focus on these areas as they are the keys to streaming success.

Things Go Wrong – So Be Prepared!  

As the common saying goes “nothing goes to plan” and this is no more true with IRL streaming and twitch! Misshapes occur and things go wrong, but don’t be stressed. More often than not these stuff ups make you more relatable and easier to connect with viewers. Twitch is all about being authentic so when things do go wrong just stay calm and go with it.

Just cause things to go wrong doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared. Having a solid backup plan allows you to stay at ease when streaming. Equipment breaking is common, especially in the hot tube category! So ensure you have backup equipment ready, as well as any other items you think you might need. If you do experience technical difficulty just explain to the viewers what has happened and ensure them you will be back soon. Adjust, stay calm and you will be back streaming in no time.

Emotions Sell – Laugh or Cry.

Twitch is all about entertainment and emotions are strongly tied to this. Think about it, we watch particular shows due to how it makes us feel, whether that’s sad, happy, or scared! When strong emotions are felt a bond is created. This is exactly what you want to achieve with your audience, especially if you want them to subscribe to your Onlyfans. Ensure your streaming antics are producing an emotion within your audience, utilizing your personal, looks or skills to do so.

Show Up to Work Consistently.

consistency is key to success in any area of life, this is also applied to streaming on Twitch. With so many people hustling for eyeball it’s up to you to ensure you are consistently showing up ad putting in work. If you are inconsistent or unreliable you will struggle to grow an audience, let alone gain subscribers. People absorbing content on Twitch will most likely move on to someone else if they can’t get consistency from you.

Twitch Is a Business – Treat It Like One!

The last and final tip is very simple but one that is often overlooked. Treat your Twitch account and streaming like a business. Similar to Onlyfans, Twitch requires you to take it seriously if you want success! Keeping up with statistics, quality of content, playing with visuals, and props, cross-promotion, and frequent testing are needed for success.

Even if Onlyfans is a side hobby it’s worth placing time into Twitch. Study and follow the top streamers in your category. Find out what is working for them, and implement it with your own unique spin. Stream consistently and regularly and within a few months you will build up a small but dedicated following. If you stay dedicated and keep testing new content you will be surprised how large an audience you can gain.

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