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Are you starting out your Onlyfans journey? Maybe you are getting stuck with ideas for new content, promotion, and overall growth. Luckily XFans Hub is the number one Onlyfans search engine and we have gathered all the data to help you succeed. Check out our list of weird things to sell on Onlyfans and start earning more today.

Used Socks

Selling used socks on Onlyfans is actually an extremely popular and well-known idea. Its roots stem from the foot fetish niche, where people (often men) worship and glorify feet. Women who engage in this niche can make surprisingly good money by going a step further and selling used socks! Don’t ask why, but men within the foot fetish community love used socks, and are willing to pay top dollar for them. Pricing can vary from $50 to $1000! It all depends on how big your following is, how dedicated your subscriber is & your level of clout.

If you want to start selling used socks on Onlyfans you should start by targeting the foot fetish community. Once built up, filter through those who would be interested in purchasing your smelly socks. An important note is to ensure you get paid before you send any items.

Human Hair

This one is a little weird but hey this is the whole idea of this blog post. Men across the world will pay good dollars for your hair, why you ask? We have no idea and we don’t want to know. Simply take hair from your brush and seal it in a zip-lock bag. You can sell your hair for any price, it all depends on your customer base and their demand. Some creators can sell a small amount of hair for hundreds of dollars! It’s strange but something worth exploring on Onlyfans.

Dick Ratings

Once upon a time, women in the online sex work industry would get dozens of unwanted dick pics from men. Today, thanks to Onlyfans you can monetize this via dick ratings! This is where men send you pictures of their junk and you give it an honest rating out of ten in exchange for a set price. You can charge anywhere from $5 to $50 per rating and it’s a quick and easy way to run up some serious cash. It might not be selling a physical item but this idea is probably the simplest to implement if you don’t mind looking at dick for a few hours.

Using dick ratings to also build relationships with customers is a great idea. Even if a customer has a terrible pecker, give them an 8-10 rating. Tell them what they want to hear and you will have them coming back for more. Much like any business, you want to have a repeat and loyal customer base.

Bath Water

Made famous by Onlyfans creator Belle Delphine who claims to have made over $1.2 million selling jars of bathing water for 29 pounds. This sparked many other creators to pick up the weird selling habit, creating a new subgenre. The concept is simple when you bathe or shower collects some of the water and put it in jars. You can then sell it to your subscription base! It’s not everyone’s cup of tea so it’s best to test the market first. If you get a strong engagement you can continue and find the right price point.


If you have a sweet tooth and a knack for back or cooking you need to consider this next idea. Cooking treats like cookies and brownies to sell to your subscriber base! This might not sound sexy or something that would work on Onlyfans but you underestimate why some men are even subscribers. Some are after the girlfriend experience and nothing gets more intimate than you cooking for them! You can charge good money to do this as well.

Utilize polls and private messages to promote your menu of delicious treats. If you enjoy cooking you can do this naked and film the content! That way you got sexy video content to sell as well on Onlyfans.

Get creative

Coming up with your own unique weird thing to sell on Onlyfans isn’t hard, in fact, all you need to do is some market research! If you already have a small following you can tap into them to discover new products or services to sell them. Large marketing agencies and companies spend countless hours and dollars to get consumer data. You have the privilege of direct access to them on your Onlyfans or social media accounts. Polls and directly asking them the question “What do you want to see?” will help you cut the noise and find out what items and content sells best.

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