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If you are looking for an American online personality, model, and YouTube content creator, then look no further than Tana Mongeau.

Who Is Tana Mongeau and how did she become famous?

Tana Marie Mongeau was born on June 24, 1998, in Las Vegas, Nevada. She rose to fame by recording her numerous “storytime” videos on YouTube. Mongeau is an openly bisexual Internet personality who has dated rather familiar names such as Bella Thorne, Mod Sun, and Jake Paul.

Tana Mongeau, her music career, and her convention

In November 2017, Mongeau released her debut single titled “Hefner”. The music video for the song featured her love interest, Bella Thorne. The lyrics centered on the life of a Playboy Bunny and how Mongeau wants to lead the group while sleeping her way to the top of the hierarchy. The following month, she collaborated with Lil Phag and Dr Woke on the song entitled “Deadahh”.

In March 2018, she released her second solo single titled “W”, and her third single “Fuck Up” in August of that same year.

In between her song releases, Mongeau announced that she would be hosting her very own convention, named “TanaCon” at the same time and city as VidCon 2018. Her main intention for this move was to offer an alternative to VidCon after the organizers failed to give her the rights of a featured creator the year prior.

TanaCon took place in Anaheim, California at the Anaheim Marriott Suites and was eventually canceled on the same day. Despite her announcing that over 20,000 people intended to show up, only a mere 5,000 actually attended. Even with only one-fourth of her expected audience size, the Marriott Suites was not capable of accommodating that number, which led to many attendees complaining of lack of food and water. They also had to stand for hours under the blazing heat of the sun, leading to numerous claims that they passed out.

Criticism & Backlash

This garnered much criticism to the point that The Verge claimed fans were comparing it to the infamous Fyre Festival as attendees yelled: “Refund”.

Mongeau apologized shortly after the event and promised that refunds would be issued to everyone who came.

When all the fuss about TanaCon died down, it was announced that she will be starring in her very own MTV reality series called MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21. Shortly after this announcement, Mongeau released her fourth single titled “FaceTime”.

Perhaps her efforts the year before garnered some positive attention after al since VidCon announced that for their 2019 event, Mongeau would be a featured creator. This was also their move to make amends for what happened in the past.

Tana Mongeau and her OnlyFans Account

In May 2020, Mongeau announced and promoted her OnlyFans account through an Instagram Story. She went on to post a scandalous photoshoot on her Instagram Grid to further promote her newly created profile.

In March 2022, Mongeau posted a trophy sent by the management company, Unruly Agency, which showcased her as a top earner on the OnlyFans website. In the short span of time, she has been on the platform, Mongeau has earned over $10,000,000.

As of this writing, Mongeau has two accounts. Her primary account called Tana Mongeau is FREE to subscribe to, and mainly houses most of her teasing media and some nudes. She has posted over 371 photos and 144 videos.

Her second account called Tana Gone Wild costs $15.59 for 31 days, or $23.99 per month if you describe it by bulk. This secondary account houses all of her uncensored, unfiltered, and absolutely explicit videos with over 32 photos and 42 videos thus far.

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