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If you are looking for an Australian model who is also a fitness trainer and YouTube content creator, then look no further than Jem Wolfie.

Who Is Jem Wolfie and how did she become famous?

Jem Wolfie was born on August 7, 1991, in Perth, Australia. She is a famous fitness trainer, social media influencer, model, chef, Instagram personality, YouTube content creator, and entrepreneur. She has also been a basketball player and appeared in a music video back in 2016.

Jem Wolfie started off as an athlete in her younger days and can be found playing basketball, among other sports. She then began her fitness career at the tender age of 17 after she suffered from a knee injury that ultimately changed her lifestyle. Now a professional fitness trainer, who provides both workout routines and diet plans for her fans and clients. She has also collaborated with various famous fitness brands and food supplement brands.

She has a dedicated YouTube channel for all her workout videos, which are relatively easy to follow through with and stick to your routine. Also shared some of her recipe videos, which have steadily built up her health and fitness following. As a professional chef, Jem Wolfie runs her very own food brand called Good Eats. Sources say that Jem’s mother is also a fitness enthusiast in her own right, making this talent run in the family.

Jem Wolfie’s modeling career has lasted her through the years, as she still partners with many health and fitness brands including Bang Energy.

Not much else is known about Jem Wolfie and her private life or career as she has made it a point to keep this separate from the spotlight.

Jem Wolfie and her disabled Instagram Account

Although there is not much controversy to be found around Jem Wolfie’s life, she was noticeably banned from Instagram and had her account officially disabled. As per further research, this was done because she started posting inappropriate and risqué selfies on the platform. This is against Instagram’s community policies, which ultimately led to her losing her account filled with a staggering 2.6 million followers.

Jem Wolfie and her OnlyFans Account

Jem Wolfie started her very own OnlyFans account back when the media on her Instagram account regularly kept getting deleted. Ultimately, when her entire account was banned from Instagram, she shifted her focus to the OnlyFans platform.

In an interview with No Jumper, Jem Wolfie claimed that she does not do full-on nudity on her OnlyFans account but a quick scroll through her profile reveals that she does offer to show off her breasts and bottom in many photos – you just have to tip to see them.

She also stated in the interview that she does not feel like the overtly sexual person she appears to be online is her true persona but in fact just a small part of her entire personality. She claims to be only very sexual when she is in a relationship but has slowly come out of her shell, which you can very much notice as her OnlyFans photos and videos progress to more raunchy type media.

Her account is only $5 for the first 31 days and $9.99 per month. She also offers subscription bundles if you want to subscribe 3, 6, or 12 months in advance. You get to save up to 40% by getting one of her subscription bundles.

As of this writing, she has over 300 photos and 86 videos on her Onlyfans account.

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