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If you are looking for a beautiful professional with confidence and brains, then look no further than meteorologist and former weather girl, Yanet Garcia.

Who Is Yanet Garcia and how did she become famous?

Yanet Garcia was born on November 15, 1990, in Monterrey, Mexico. Not much is known about her private life before she shot to fame except that prior to becoming a TV show presenter for Televisa Monterrey, Garcia was in the middle of building her modelling career.

However, it was because of her stint as a weather girl that made her popular and gain a steady following throughout the years. She was widely known as “The Mexican Weather Girl”. Her confidence and intelligence reflected each time she was on the show, which only added to her stunning good looks.

Her role on the show brought a steady growth in ratings for the local new program. Clips from her segments also circulated online, which garnered fans from all over the world – even if they didn’t speak her language and could not understand a word of the forecast.

Playboy magazine dubbed her the “hottest weather girl” and “the woman who encourages people to watch the weather forecast”. This mention only brought in more fans until she eventually quit the shot to launch her own health and fitness business.

Yanet Garcia and life after The Mexican Weather Girl

After putting her degree as a meteorologist to good use as The Mexican Weather Girl, Garcia is now an IIN Certified Health Coach and running her own health and fitness page called Yanet Garcia Health Coach. Here, she details her workout sessions, recipe recommendations, before and after photos of her clients, and other relevant content. You can find her videos and photos on there on her Instagram and YouTube channels. She is also a registered trainer on a personal training app called FitPlan.

When she is not working out, making smoothies, or attending to her clients, Garcia also runs her own modelling school in her hometown of Monterrey, New Mexico called “Yanet Garcia Models”.

Just when you thought she already has a handful of job descriptions, Garcia is also an actress. She has appeared in films like Sharknado 5 and Bellezonismo.

Garcia is definitely a hardworking woman who is not afraid to explore her many talents and share them with her community she can also benefit from them.

Yanet Garcia and her OnlyFans Account

Just last April 2021, Garcia announced the launch of her very own OnlyFans account. She promoted her OnlyFans on Instagram where she enjoys over 14.8 million followers as of this writing.

At present, Garcia has posted over 290 images and 165 videos to her account. Her OnlyFans profile costs $20 per month to subscribe to, which could be well worth the price as she regularly posts and keeps her subscribers updated.

With Garcia’s history in modelling, it is safe to say her photos are pleasing to the eye. She often displays herself in revealing lingerie while in bed. She also loves to show her world-famous bottom in a thong.

Garcia regularly posts media of her half naked or fully naked while strategically covering herself up, sending her subscribers into a teasing frenzy.

Yanet Garcia On XFans Hub

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