How Do You Make Money On OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face?

Over the last few years, the platform Onlyfans has grown greatly in notoriety. Quickly becoming mainstream, over 1.2 million active users have joined the platform, creating and monetizing on the content-selling site. Placing their content behind a pay wall, creators now have the opportunity to make serious bank via the platform.

Despite Onlyfans becoming mainstream, there are still a lot of negative stigmas attached to the platform. Often women will feel embarrassed or ashamed to tell their families they are on the site. Consistent anxiety about someone finding out can lead to numerous mental health problems.

This leads us to ask the question!

Can you make money on Onlyfans without showing your face?

The answer is yes, and the team at XF Hub will show you how! Let’s explore some of the different ways you can keep your identity secret whilst promoting and growing a successful Onlyfans account.

Conceal your birthmarks or tattoos.  

If you are interested in concealing your identity on Onlyfans you need to first be extra cautious. This requires hiding your birthmark or any tattoos you may have. Often these are easier indicators of who you are for people such as family or close friends. Even people who you don’t know that well can identify you based on tattoos.

Concealing these is actually very easy. Just use makeup to cover up tattoos or birthmarks in obvious areas. For tips on how to best do this visit youtube for professional tutorials.

Utilize prop masks and camera angles. 

A great way to produce interesting content and conceal your identity is by using a mask. Easily available online, with a wide variety of styles, masks are a sexy way to hide your face in your content. As mentioned, you can use different masks to produce unique content. You could use a new mask each week or even get your fans to vote on what mask you should wear. 

There is actually a sub-culture of kinky mask wears who love cosplay and dress-up content. Adding this aura of mysticism & intrigue can also help to attract subscribers to your Onlyfans account.

Using correct camera angles to remain anonymous is also a great idea. Once again use youtube to get a quick rundown on photography basics. This will give you the knowledge required to take videos & photos which highlight your features, all while keeping your face out of the frame.

Brand new social media accounts.

Using social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are the best ways to drive converting traffic to your Onlyfans. Its a simply a great way to get new subscribers! If you want to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face you will need to create new social media accounts. Placing your link on any old socials will give away your identity in a matter of minutes, so it’s best to just recreate new accounts.

The first step is to create the accounts under a fake name. Think of this as a stage name, much like strippers and porn stars do. Take some photos with the above-mentioned tips and verify all accounts.

Once your new accounts have been created you can use traffic generation tricks to help grow your Onlyfans. Some of these ideas include

It might be frustrating to have to build up your social media accounts again. Especially if you already have a large following! Unfortunately, if you want to keep your face and identity unassociated with Onlyfans you will have to create new accounts.

Pro tip – Use a voice changer

If you want to go that extra step to making money without showing your face on Onlyfans you can use a voice changer. Often a voice is very recognisable and can lead to your identity becoming exposed. Purchasing voice-altering devices can be done online, with many options available on the market. Many have slight alterations, giving you a new sexy voice without sounding like a robot.

Using these can work to your advantage as well. Use different voice changers to give your fans the fantasy they desire. Just make sure to have one voice that you say is your “normal voice”, otherwise people will become suspicious if they hear too many different types of voices coming from you.

Promote on Onlyfans search directories

If you want to promote your Onlyfans without showing your face you can use Onlyfans directories like XF Hub. This site and others aim to provide Onlyfans creators with a place to promote their accounts to first-world men.

XFans Hub has two promotional packages available for creators. Our free package allows you to have two photos, your Onlyfans link & submission into either our free or paid categories. The premium package is $20 USD per month and consists of a number of extra benefits. These include our top creator’s program, placing your profiles across every page on the site, as well as your choice of multiple categories. Some you can choose include


And much more! Overall both packages allow your Onlyfans to get exposure in front of a tailored audience.

The best part about XFans Hub is you don’t need to have your face visible in your profile. This allows you to make money on Onlyfans without the need to disclose your identity or face.


Put into practice the above-mentioned tips and you will be able to successfully make money on Onlyfans without showing your face. We hope you got some value out of this article and look forward to working with you at XFans Hub.


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Author BioAmber Shine, ACS, CSE

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Amber is a certified love coach who believes in providing the correct tools and information. Helping people of all ages achieve positive sexual and romantic connections!

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