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Joining Onlyfans at first can seem intimidating. Especially considering you only have a set number of words to show the world your personality. An Onlyfans bio is similar to those on other platforms like Instagram. It’s one of the first things potential subs will see when they arrive at your account. This means it’s a vital tool for helping to grow your Onlyfans.

If you are a new creator it can be tricky to think of an Onlyfans bio. It’s important to make a good first impression and we are here to show you how. But first, let’s look a bit more into what exactly is an Onlyfans bio.

What is an Onlyfans Bio? 

As soon as someone arrives at your Onlyfans the first thing they see is a profile photo, cover and bio. If you want to take Onlyfans seriously you will need to place some time into all three.

Often the profile photo and cover are easy, just pick the best photos. An Onlyfans bio requires more thought tho. Some models with big social media followings (Jem wolfie) can get away with just a few emojis or no text at all. This for a new creator with no online presence simply won’t work.

Onlyfans bios have a character limit of 1000. You don’t have to use this full amount but we do recommend having at least a few hundred words to help with google search results.

You can use text, emojis and hashtags within your Onlyfans bio. Very similar to other social platforms such as TikTok & Instagram.

How To Write a Great Onlyfans Bio 


Think of your Onlyfans Bio as a sales pitch! It’s your job to get people to convert from traffic to subscribers. We recommend split testing a number of bios between a male audience.

They can provide you with valuable feedback in terms of what works and what doesn’t. Doing this can be extremely helpful in creating a successful bio.

Keep it simple 

Don’t go crazy trying to be all scholarly with your bio. Use language that is simple and easy to comprehend

Also, ensure the spelling is perfect! slight errors can give off the impression of unprofessionalism. In the worst case, potential subs might think you are a scam.

Before posting your bio it’s best to get someone to proofread your text. If you don’t have someone within your circle you can hire a proofreader for as little as $5 on fiver.

Be crystal clear

Be very clear about what content you will be posting on your Onlyfans account. Potential fans want to know what they can expect when they sign up.

If you create certain types of Onlyfans content or fit a niche you should explain this in your bio. Mentioning other services like PPV or dick rates is also recommended.

It’s important to never lie on your Bio or promise content you don’t plan to deliver. Doing this can lead to some seriously unhappy subs, and most likely result in refunds.

Use Emojis

Ever heard the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words? Using emojis is a powerful way to explain or deliver a message. They are simple, yet explain a lot. And by using emojis you save a chunk of text space.

Emojis also help your bio stand out. Helping to break up text and offer colour and personality to your account.

Some claim emojis give off a scam vibe. We agree that doing too many emojis can look bad so it’s best to strike a balance between them and text. Overall Emojis are an effective tool in helping to improve your Onlyfans bio.

Be Authentic

The best Onlyfans creators are always themselves. They never try and pretend to be anyone their not and this is how they build a strong audience.

Remember this when you are creating your Onlyfans bio. It’s important to put some of your personality in there! Showing that authentic self will help the right people resonate with you.

It’s important to remember that not everyone will signup for your account, and that’s okay. Just be yourself and your own tribe of fans will form.

Onlyfans Bio Examples 

Hey, It’s Jasmin! I can make you feel right in just about any environment. At home in your bed or maybe during your lunch break? My submissive content will get your (plant emoji) hard. Come enjoy this spicy Latina while you can. 

Open to any special request for content 

I answer all messages xx 

The above example is a good example of what an Onlyfans bio should be like. It’s short enough but still delivers a message. Detailing the type of content, who she is and what she can offer. Mentioning the fact she answers all messages is a great incentive to get people to sign.

Our only recommendation for this bio is to add a few more emojis and also list a few more services that are offered.

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