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Are you subscribed to an Onlyfans account but unsure of how to request custom content from your favorite Onlyfans creators? Custom content is a huge part of Onlyfans, but some users are unsure about how to approach the subject. This guide will cover everything from setting up your OnlyFans account to crafting effective requests and understanding the process of requesting and receiving custom content. We will also provide tips and considerations to help you make the most out of your OnlyFans experience.

Setting up your OnlyFans account

Before requesting custom content you will need to create an Onlyfans account. This process is simple and can be done via the official Onlyfans website. Once there you will need to provide your email address and create a password. Other basic information will be required such as your name, username, and profile picture. Once your account is created, you can start exploring the platform and subscribing to content creators.

Discovering Onlyfans can be done through a number of channels. Onlyfans search sites like XFans Hub, and social media platforms such as Instagram & Twitter & Reddit. Once you find a content creator that you like, you can click the “Follow” button to subscribe to their content.

Once your profile is looking good you should also engage with the content creators. Start by leaving comments and liking their posts. This shows the creators that you are genuinely interested in their content and are more likely to respond to your requests.

Requesting custom content

If you want to get things moving you can reach out to the creators first. Start by going to their profile and clicking on the message button. It’s important to be clear and specific about what you’re looking for in terms of custom content. It’s also important to be respectful and polite in your message.

Making your message as specific as possible will ensure the creator knows what to deliver. It will also make her life more easy as she doesn’t need to go back and forth to get appropriate information. For example, if you’re requesting a photo shoot, you should specify what kind of outfits or themes you’re interested in. By providing a clear vision of what you want you will save the creator loads of time & make you an instant favorite.

Cost & Payment

The price of custom content varies depending on the creator and how complex the request is. Top Onlyfans creators charge premium prices for custom requests, while new creators are more friendly price-wise. It’s important to understand that popular creators get loads of requests, so be prepared to wait a few days for your content. It’s a good idea to ask the creator for an estimated time of delivery when making your request.

When it comes to payments, this is usually done through the OnlyFans platform by purchasing a “Custom Offer” from the creator’s profile. In order for this process to work you will need a valid payment method that is connected to your Onlyfans. This should have been set up at the beginning of your Onlyfans account creation. Once the payment is made, the creator will begin working on your custom content and will deliver it to you once it’s complete.

Other tips and considerations

To make the most of your custom content, it’s important to be specific and clear in your requests and to provide as much information as possible to the creator. It’s also a good idea to ask the creator for their opinion on your ideas, as they are the experts in their field and may have suggestions that you haven’t thought of. Once you receive your custom content, be sure to show appreciation and give feedback to the creator.
Building a relationship with content creators can be beneficial for both parties, as it can lead to more personalized and high-quality content. To build a relationship, engage with the creator’s content, participate in their live streams, and take an interest in their life and activities. Also, be respectful and considerate, and remember that these are real people behind the screen.
It’s vital that you show respect to content creators at all times. Do not overstep boundaries when requesting custom content. Additionally, not all Onlyfans creators are open to specific requests. with certain themes and styles of limits. Make sure you Respect their decision, even if it’s not the answer you wanted to hear.


In conclusion, requesting custom content on OnlyFans can be a great way to get personalized and exclusive content from your favorite creators. By setting up your account, finding and following content creators, crafting effective requests, and understanding the process and costs, you’ll be able to make the most out of your OnlyFans experience. Also, by building a relationship with the creators, respecting their boundaries, and reporting any violations, you can ensure that you and the creators have a positive experience
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