What Are Onlyfans Shoutout & How Do You Use Them?

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Growing an Onlyfans top creator account takes work, but there are some proven tactics that can help. One of these is Onlyfans shoutouts, which involve working with other creators to help promote your Onlyfans account. This tactic involves creators encouraging their followers to go engage and follow another Onlyfans account, normally done in the form of posts, stores, or live streams.

In this article, we will deep dive into Onlyfans shoutouts, how they work, and how they can be used to grow your following & increase revenue.

What are OnlyFans shoutouts?

Basically, an Onlyfans shoutout is a form of promotion in which a small creator taps into the following of another larger creator. Helping to gain exposure to an audience who is engaged and active on Onlyfans. Normally the Onlyfans creator that does the shoutout will receive some compensation, normally in the form of a one-time payment.

OnlyFans shoutouts can take many different forms, depending on the creator doing the shoutout and the platform they are using to make the shoutout. Some common types of shoutouts include:


Posts are the most common form of Onlyfans shoutouts. This can include posting a photo or video of the creator being shouted out. Usually, a link to their Onlyfans account is included with a call to action to go check it out and subscribe.


Creators may post a story on their Instagram or other social media accounts for a shoutout. Similar to posts, these will have a link to the account being shouted as well as a call to action.

Live streams:

Live streams have become more popular in recent times thanks to platforms such as Twitch. Creators can capitalize on the large audience streams bring in by engaging in shoutouts. Showing clips of the account being shouted out, as well as endorsing and encouraging followers to go check out the creator’s content is common practice.

No matter how you decide to go about an Onlyfans shoutout it can be a powerful way to drive quality traffic to your account. Delivering exposure to audiences who are familiar with Onlyfans and the type of content you produce. Helping to grow your subscriber count and overall revenue, Onlyfans shoutouts are a highly effective promotional tactic.

How to use OnlyFans shoutouts

The first step for a successful Onlyfans shoutout campaign is identifying which creators have relevant audiences that you can target. This is done by finding creators who are within the same niche, have the same features, and have a large following! Using Onlyfans search features via keywords can also be an efficient way to find relevant creators. For example, if you are within the goth niche it would be best to search and connect with similar creators in this space. Doing so gives you the best chance of converting that shoutout traffic into paying subscribers.

Paying for a shoutout from an Onlyfans creator who doesn’t fit your niche, look or content style will lead to disappointment. Ensure you do your homework and only work with creators who have large audiences and similar content to what you produce.

Reaching out for a Shoutout

Once you have identified potential shoutout partners, the next step is to reach out to them and propose a shoutout. You can do this by sending them a direct message on OnlyFans or through another form of contact. Such as email or social media. In your message, be sure to introduce yourself. Explain why you think a shoutout would be beneficial for both of you. Then propose a mutually beneficial arrangement.

When pitching a shoutout, keep in mind that not all creators will be open to the idea or willing to participate. Always be understanding and respectful towards all Onlyfans creators you engage with, even if they decline your offer.

Once you have connected and agreed on a shoutout, the next step is to plan and execute. This will involve coordinating with the other creator. Ensuring the shoutout is made at the right time and in the correct format. Also, create your own caption or call to action. Then ask the creator you work with for their feedback as they know their audience best.

Price and requirements should also be finalized during this process. You can expect to pay a wide variety of prices based on the creator. Often the larger the following the higher the price for a shoutout.

Best practices for OnlyFans shoutouts

When engaging in an Onlyfans shoutout it’s important to remember these best practices:

Some common mistakes to avoid include:


Using Onlyfans shoutouts can be an effective way to grow and promote an Onlyfans account. By tapping into other creators’ followers, you are exposing your content to high-converting traffic! Giving you the best chance for real growth. When engaging in Onlyfans shoutout make sure to be professional and respectful. Communicate clearly and be prepared to pay a one-time fee for shoutouts from the top creators with large followings.

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