How To Find People On Onlyfans

Key Takeaways: 

Can I search for someone on OnlyFans? – The short answer is no. Onlyfans does not have a search function.

How do I find someone on Onlyfans? – You can use free third-party sites to find Onlyfans creators.

How else can I search for Onlyfans creators? – Use their name, username, location, social media or niche to find Onlyfans accounts.


It can be tricky to discover new Onlyfans babes, with many becoming frustrated with the lack of Onlyfans search functionality. Onlyfans wish to promote staying anonymous for creators if they so choose. Although great for some it does restrict the ability of new creators to be discovered.

Luckily there are many alternative options you can use to find Onlyfans accounts. We will explore some of the main ways you can find people on Onlyfans.

How to Find Someone on OnlyFans

Do you want to find a specific Onlyfans account? If so you can use third-party sites to search for them. Even small, new creators can be found. Search the account by name, username or niche.

How to find someone on OnlyFans by their username

If you know the username of the account you want to find all you need to do is place their username in front of the Onlyfans URL.

For example –

If you do not know their Onlyfans username we have some other options for you.

How to find someone on OnlyFans by their name

If you can remember the creator’s username you can search via their name. Using Onlyfans finder sites like XFans Hub allows you to narrow down and discover accounts.

Go to XFansHub search bad, from there place in the name of the creator.

All matching names from the database will appear and you can sift through them to find the one you want.

Other sites such as Hubite and Fansmetric also provide a similar service.

How to find people on OnlyFans by niche category

If the Onlyfans account you want to find belongs to a certain niche you can use this to your advantage. often creators fit into a number of categories, including;


If you know the Onlyfans creator is a Latina you can look through the XFans Hub category until you discover the one you desire. Along the way, you will most likely find other, similar creators that you might want to check out.

Using this method for finding someone on Onlyfans can take some time. It will produce a lot of results but can provide new, better creators that you didn’t know existed.

How to find people on OnlyFans using social media

Since its launch in 2016, Onlyfans has been growing at an exponential rate. Over 1.2 million creators are active on the platform, with tens of millions of subscribers. Many of the largest Onlyfans creators owe their success to social media.

Leveraging large followings on sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit and TikTok. They drive traffic to their Onlyfans and convert them into subscribers.

By looking over social media models bio’s, you can discover their Onlyfans links. Some sites don’t allow Onlyfans links so look out for their LinkTree.

One of the best social media platforms for finding people on Onlyfans is Reddit

Reddit is one of the most popular platforms for Onlyfans promotion. The main reason for this is the platform allows adult-based content. Unlike other social media sites, Reddit is very adult-friendly as long as you use the NSFW tag.

There are hundreds of NFSW & Onlyfans subreddits, creating engaging and large communities. If you are searching for someone on Onlyfans the best place to start is Reddit.

Go to the Reddit homepage, from there you can use the search bar. Type in “Onlyfans” and you will find hundreds of sub-communities.

These will be labelled in a way to indicate what the community is all about. For example, “OnlyFansMilf”. Within these subreddits, you can discover new creators that meet your requirements.

Find OnlyFans Creators

To find Onlyfans accounts your best option is to use a third-party site like XFans Hub. We are the largest, verified Onlyfinder tool. Connecting you with the best Onlyfans accounts for free. Our navigational system allows you to seamlessly search for creators. As well as 24 different categories for you to discover Onlyfans accounts based on content.

What to do once you find them?

Once you have found the Onlyfans account you can navigate to their Onlyfans page. Here you can learn more information such as what content to expect and monthly prices. From there it’s your choice whether or not you signup for their exclusive content.

Conclusion: Finding Someone on OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a social media platform that allows content creators to earn revenue by sharing exclusive content with their fans. While finding someone on OnlyFans might seem challenging at first, there are several ways to locate their profile, and most of them are relatively easy and straightforward. By using the built-in search bar or third-party websites, you can search for someone’s OnlyFans account using their username or other information.

Using the OnlyFans Search Engine

The easiest and most direct way to find someone’s OnlyFans profile is to use the OnlyFans search engine. To do this, simply type the person’s username in the search bar and hit enter. The results page will show you all the creators with that username, making it easy to find the person you’re looking for. If you’re not sure about the username, you can also search by location, which is a good way to find small OnlyFans accounts in a particular area.

Third-Party Websites and Tools

If you’re having trouble finding someone’s OnlyFans profile using the built-in search bar, there are several third-party tools and websites you can use to locate it. These sites typically have a search feature that allows you to search for someone’s username or other information. One such tool is AllMyLinks, which is a website that many OnlyFans creators use to promote their content. If you have the person’s real name or a fake name they use online, you can also try searching for them on other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Promoting Privacy and Anonymity

One thing to keep in mind when trying to find someone’s OnlyFans account is that they may not want to be found. Many creators prefer to remain anonymous, and finding their accounts could compromise their privacy. To promote anonymity, OnlyFans allows creators to use fake names instead of their real ones. Some creators also use a separate email address and new account to keep their content separate from their mainstream social media accounts.

Final Thoughts

While finding someone’s OnlyFans profile may seem daunting at first, there are several good avenues to take. By using the built-in search bar, third-party websites and tools, or searching on other social media pages, you can easily find a person’s OnlyFans account. Remember to promote privacy and respect content creators’ wishes to remain anonymous when searching for accounts. OnlyFans is a platform that allows for revenue possibilities, and it’s important to respect the creators’ content and promote privacy while enjoying the platform’s adult content.

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