How To Keep Your Onlyfans Subscribers

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If you have set up your Onlyfans and started growing your subscribers you will want to focus on retention. All too often girls will get their first 20 subscribers but not see any growth. Gaining a new subscriber but losing another, leaving them in a loop of mediocrity. In order to break this cycle, you will need to focus on retaining the subscribers you gain.

It doesn’t matter what industry or business you are involved in. If you do provide the value your subscription base will not come back. This can be seen on Netflix! As soon as they stop producing content people enjoy they run the risk of them unsubscribing from the platform.

In this article, we will touch on the main points of focus when it comes to keeping your Onlyfans subscribers. Helping your account grow into the top 1% of creators.

Competitive Pricing

Price is always a factor in any business or industry. This is no diffrent in the Onlyfans world. Many creators when first starting out will offer subscriptions for free. Hoping to rope in as many initial new fans as quickly as possible. Often the price is jacked up a month or two later, with no warning or announcement to the subscribers.

A useful tactic in some regards, this often backfires on creators. Creating a mass exodus from the platform. It makes sense, no one likes a price hike! Especially when there is no true justification for the price rise.

The appropriate way to conduct this tactic is to slightly increase Onlyfans prices each month, whilst increasing the amount and quality of the content you post.

Let’s say you set your price at $5 a month and post twice a week. The following month increase your price to $6 per month and post three times a week. You can keep following this pattern until you find the right balance between price and the amount of content you want to produce.

It’s important to mention, to be honest with yourself. Review your Onlyfans account and ask yourself is the price you are setting is realistic. Would someone actually get value from this content at this price point? If the answer is no you need to tweak it.

Focus On The Little Things

Similar to any other business paying customers are expected to be treated a little better. If you are ignoring messages, and DM’s and not being active, your fans will notice. These little things can be forgotten due to the time content creation takes. However, if you place a small amount of focus on these you are more likely to have a long-term subscription base.

As mentioned paying customers expect a higher level of customer service. Most creators think that the access behind their paywall is more than enough. The truth is yes this is a fair exchange, but the top 1% of creators are there for a reason. Making six figures a month takes more than just a few topless selfies! Going that extra mile to show your fans you are active. It will have massive long-term effects in keeping Onlyfans subscribers.

Exclusives High-Quality Content

Very obvious, but yet many girls miss this point. Your Onlyfans account should have exclusive content! This means photos and videos that you will only find on your Onlyfans, nowhere else. This includes social media sites such as Instagram and TikTok. Even image-disappearing networks like Snapchat should be avoided.

The reason behind this is simple. No one is going to pay for content that can find somewhere else for free. Why would they subscribe to your Onlyfans when the same content is on your Snap? It’s very simple yet some creators think they can scrape their social media photos into an Onlyfans account. Instead, energy should be placed towards creating new quality content that is only accessible via your Onlyfans.

Paying close attention to what content your fans want is another way to get subscribers to stay on Onlyfans. Use your post captions to discover what type of content they most want to see. Your subscribers will take note and more likely stay long term.

Interact With Your Fans

A feature that has made Onlyfans popular is the fact you can interact with subs via messages. Often these come with a price tag in the form of a pay-per-message. Nonetheless, this option gives fans the rare chance to speak to their favorite creator.

If you do engage in private messages you will open a world of commercial opportunities. Including custom content, dick ratings, feet pics & GFE. Gathering market research directly from your fans about the content they want to see is also a benefit of the pay-per-message model. By taking the time to interact with your subscribers you build a loyal fanbase.

It’s important to note that you must clearly explain the rules and where the line stops. Some men will take it too far and want to gain more private information. Even want to meet up with you! You must make it clear from the start what is and isn’t acceptable. If a creep is asking disrespectful questions just block and remove him. You want to put your focus on the positive subscribers, these will be the ones that leave tips and hang around.

Ensure to always thank and pay extra attention to your best subscribers. As they will make up 80% of your profits. By creating a positive environment via interactions you can build a solid community within your Onlyfans. It is these communities that have long-lasting subscribers.

Remember Subscriber’s Names – (pet names)

As mentioned above, you want to pay extra attention to your top subscribers. These will be the highest tippers and often ask for lots of custom content. A great way to make them feel special is to simply remember their names! Now you might have hundreds to thousands of subs, but you need to go to the top 20% and get their names down in your memory.

A lot of men have anonymous accounts on Onlyfans so how do you find their names? As some men want to keep their name private you can opt to give them a pet name!  These are great for building a connection with your subscriber as it makes them feel special. It’s also a great way for you to remember the names of those anonymous accounts.

For the best organization, we recommend making a spreadsheet with the top 20% of your subscribers. List their names (pet name), interests, hobbies, and type of content they like. You can refer to this list each day and know which subscribers to put focus on.

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